Great News

I heard back from my doctor yesterday. It is benign! 🙂 I have an appointment next month to see if I’ll need the goiter drained or if the entire left side of my gland will have to be removed. Thanks for all the prayers! 🙂 God is so good! I’d appreciate prayers while my thyroid is trying to figure out how to work properly. I’m incredibly irritable, forgetful, and anxious. Minus the forgetful part, I would never use those words to describe myself. Well, usually anyways. 😉 I don’t like this “on edge” feeling I have most of the time. However, I do love how it’s forced me to rely on God more! He is the only thing keeping me from lashing out at the woman in front of me taking 7 minutes in the EXPRESS lane over being charged TWO DOLLARS more than she should have been. Yeah… like I said, ridiculous (me, not the lady).

I don’t know where this month has gone. I can’t believe it’s already the ninth. I had meant to put pics up here for the advent envelopes each day as a count down. I can only put pics on our mac since the pc won’t upload my pics (I hate pc’s). Getting down in the basement to use that computer is difficult. The only time I have each day to do it is during the time I get to hang out with Derrick each night. Eventually our plan is to sell this laptop and use that money to go towards a macbook. I love apple products. I laugh at the fact that Derrick or I don’t even own an iPod. We are into apple products more than anyone we know and we don’t even have iPod’s. Lame. Eventually.

Natasha will turn 3 tomorrow. 3. Ahhhh! The kid wants pizza for every meal. It’s her day, so pizza it is. I’m doing a breakfast pizza for breakfast (duh!), Chicken Alfredo pizza for lunch, Cheese Pizza for dinner, and then a Pizza cake for dessert. She’ll be happy. She is such a joy to our lives. Her personality is so different than Natalie’s. I love them both and love how God created them so uniquely.

Well, my refrigerator is pretty empty. Unfortunately, opening it several times in 5 minutes, does not make food appear. Someone named “Mom” has to go out in the bitter cold and purchase items to fill it. Sadness. And while we’re on talking about cold… seriously! Leather seats and 9 degree weather= an interesting feeling. My thoughts are if it’s going to be this cold, there should be snow on the ground. Just saying.

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